About Us


Being in the professional pet care business for almost a decade, we noticed we were spending a small fortune in time and money either washing or replacing our dog beds. With the number of dogs we care for, it was a daunting task. Our puppies and seniors had accidents, while some of our teenage and even adult guests had something to say or prove. Needless to say, it was a never ending battle. As a result, we started shopping around, looking for a bed that was easy to maintain, waterproof and durable. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any that lived up to the quality we needed. So I went on a quest to design one that met all our needs. Well, we have done it! After a year of planning, we have produced and tested the prototype for our own line of Pork Chop’s Way Doggie Beds.

Our newly designed beds are made with premier materials. The outside cover is made of a highly durable, WATERPROOF “FABRIC” and offers more comfort than other waterproof dog beds which, are made with vinyl. This material also offers PERMANENT STAIN, MOISTURE, MILDEW, BACTERIA AND ODOR-RESISTANT PROTECTION. Unreal right? Not! The inside memory foam is the same foam used in high end mattresses, for humans. In fact, the foam is certified to DECREASE health complications such as ALLERGIES, ODOR, BACTERIA AND FUNGUS and even DUST MITES. The memory foam is great for all dogs, providing firm support while retaining its original form. They are easy to clean, just wipe with a mild soap and water. You never have to take the covers off and wash them in a washing machine! If these beds can handle the wear and tear at our doggie daycare and boarding facility, imagine how long they will last in your home. Our beds will be manufactured in the USA, at our Maryland Facility.

2014-02-22 01.25.30Pork Chop’s Way is about improving the quality of life for our dogs and we feel these beds are an extension of that. In addition, as part of our commitment to giving back, a portion of our proceeds, will be donated to an animal rescue.

Hope you enjoy our products…